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Virtual Receptionist Services For Small Businesses


Since 2004, we have been pioneers in providing remote employee services specifically tailored to small/medium enterprises. Upon booking a consultation with us, we initially discuss the tasks involved in remotely administering your business or contact center services. Based on this assessment, we then determine the number of employees required and engage in detailed discussions about training and transitioning.

Over the past 15 years, we have successfully served businesses across various industries and varying sizes, including Real Estate, Mortgage, Finance, Insurance, Oil and Gas, Legal, and Healthcare. Here are a few use cases of how our services have been applied in previous engagements:

What types of works you can outsource to us?

Mortgage (Broker Price Opinion)

One of our core services is real estate property valuation, which we excel in through our highly skilled Broker Price Opinion professionals. We have successfully served 100s of Managing Brokers and Brokers across all states in the US. This service involves strict adherence to turnaround, which we ensure by providing 24×7 support for this process. To delve deeper into our services, including listings management, please visit

Insurance :

We recently assisted an insurance agent based in Atlanta, Georgia, in hiring a remote employee for her business. This dedicated team member is hers now, responsible for a variety of administrative tasks, including generating insurance quotes, handling email correspondence, managing phone calls and appointments, and assisting with travel arrangements. As an offshore center, we provide full business support for small businesses, at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-house employees.

Web Product Support :

Our customer has a Web Product that necessitates customer support across multiple channels, including chat, phone, and email support. Given the different time zones involved and the requirement to be present for weekend coverage, we have deployed our team members specifically for this omnichannel contact center project. Our workers can reply to an email within 30 minutes, promptly attend to phone calls, even over the weekend. We operate in various shifts to ensure round-the-clock availability.

Frequently Asked Questions :

What is virtual administration outsourcing?

Virtual admin outsourcing is when a business contracts a third-party provider, which can be either overseas or local, who will provide administrative assistance and support remotely. Virtual admin, or virtual assistants, can handle various administrative tasks for your business, such as managing emails, scheduling appointments, conducting research and organizing documents. This work is conducted remotely, without the need to be physically present in the office, or the same location as the client.

How does virtual administration work?

Virtual administration works by taking advantage of communication tools and modern technology to facilitate remote administration tasks. The client and virtual admin can communicate in a variety of different ways including emails, phone, instant messaging, video calls and project management software. The client delegates tasks to the virtual assistant, who then completes the tasks remotely, within the timeframe set by the client, and delivers the results electronically. This process allows for efficient and flexible administrative support, regardless of the geographical location of the client and assistant.

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual admin?

There are many benefits of hiring a virtual administrator, inducing

  • Flexibility : Virtual admins can work on-demand, which allows the client to utilize their services as and when needed. This can be anything from a few hours per week to working on an ad hoc basis.
  • Cost-effective : Most virtual administrators are independent contractors, meaning the client doesn’t have to cover expenses associated with hiring an employee, such as benefits, salaries, and office space.
  • Time-saving : Delegating simple administrative tasks to a virtual admin allows the client to focus on other core responsibilities and strategic activities which will save the client time and increase their productivity.