Remote Employee, though the concept is not new, we have pioneered this for small/medium enterprises since 2004. We initially discuss the list of tasks involved in the remote administration of your business/process in your business. We come back with the number of employees required and discuss in detail about training, and transition.

Over the past 15 years, we have served businesses of various scale and size from Real Estate, Mortgage, Finance, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Legal, Healthcare industries. Below are some of the use cases of our past engagements.

What types of works you can outsource to us? :

  • 1. Any remove admin work (both online & offline)
  • 2. Bulk Data Processing
  • 3. Email handling
  • 4. Chat Support
  • 5. Telephone support
  • 6. Knowledge Services like research, property valuation, tracking data

Mortgage (Broker Price Opinion)

Real estate property valuation, through our well-trained Broker Price Opinion professionals, is one of our prime offerings. We serve 100s of Managing Brokers, Brokers across all the states of USA. This work involves strict Turn Around Time. We have our 24x7 support for this process. To learn more about these services visit

Insurance :

An Insurance agent from Atlanta, Georgia wanted a remote employee for her business. Our team member is hers now. This team member pulls out quotes, replies to emails, attends phone calls, manages appointments, books travel tickets and what not. We provide full business support for small businesses, at a fraction of cost.

Web Product Support :

This customer has a web product which requires customer support through email, Chat and phone support and different time zones, throughout weekends. We employ our team members for this project who can reply email within 30 minutes, attends phone calls and works over the weekends. We work in various shifts to ensure customer expert

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