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Estimation Services

Move Offshore has experienced estimators in Masonry (Div 4). Over the past four years, we have estimated over 500 projects across the USA.

We use sophisticated software like the Tradesmens software – Master Estimator to carry out our estimations.

Move Offshore Impact

  • Improve your chances while bidding for projects
  • Improve accuracy through our estimation team by your side with over a decade of experience
  • Generate estimations on schedule as you have a larger team working extended hours offshore
  • Economical – you can save up to 50% in estimation costs when you move to using the Move Offshore team
  • State of the art technology to show your Masonry Structures in 3D through our 3D rendering services

Why Choosing The Move Offshore For Your Estimation?

  • To take advantage of our low rates: Up to 50% cheaper than in the US
  • To have someone working for you 24/7
  • To benefit from our professionalism and know-how
  • For our flexibility : Use our services only when and as needed

How Does It Work?

  • Sharing your documents by email and within 12 hours, our engineers will contact you with follow-up questions.
  • Working with us is as simple as working with one of your local employees working from home.
  • We are available over the phone and email 24×7.

See Samples: Estimation Samples

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Frequently Asked Questions :

What are estimation services in the context of project management?

Estimation Services refer to the process of determining the time, effort, and resources required to complete a project or specific task within a project. It involves analyzing the project scope, breaking it down into manageable units, and using various estimation techniques and tools to predict the project’s duration, cost, and resource requirements.

Why are estimations important for project management?

Estimations are vital for effective project management for several reasons. They help stakeholders understand the project’s feasibility, set realistic goals, and allocate resources appropriately. Estimations enable project managers to manage risks, plan and schedule activities, and make informed decisions regarding budgeting, staffing and project delivery timelines. It can also aid in tracking project progress, identifying deviations, and taking corrective actions if necessary.

What are the most common techniques and approaches used in estimation services?

There are several techniques and approaches used for estimation services. Some of the most common are analogous estimation, parametric estimation, three-point estimation, bottom-up estimation, and expert judgment. These are just some examples; there are other estimation techniques and approaches available, depending on the project’s nature, complexity, and available data. The selection of the appropriate technique varies depending on various factors and should be tailored to the specific project requirements.