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Software Testing & Validation Services

Testing Services

Independent validation services test software product/applications to ensure the product is high quality before being released to market as well as to get an understanding of users’ opinions on the product’s features and success.

Our software testing services team is led by our testing manager who has over 15 years of professional experience in this area and comes from one of the top three IT outsourcing companies in India. The team follows an established process and training to ensure the testing is done in an environment which is totally independent from the development. Starting from understanding requirement specifications, building testing scripts/cases, and executing and recording results, we are frequently hired to carry out software testing services testing projects for IT applications across verticals such as Oil and Gas, Mortgage, and the Digital space.

We follow our customer’s processes across the entire lifecycle of software development. We understand the various stages of testing, be it test case development, updating of scripts over the years, and ensuring the effective running of scripts and sharing/coordinating with the development/management, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Why should we outsource software testing and validation services?

Outsourcing software testing and validation services can offer several benefits for businesses. A specialized outsourcing provider will have a wealth of experience and expertise in testing methodologies, tools, and best practices. They can provide comprehensive testing coverage, including performance testing, functional testing, security testing, and much more. Outsourcing allows businesses to access a dedicated team of skilled testers, reduce time-to-market for software releases, improve software quality, and focus internal resources on core business activities.

How can outsource software testing and validation services ensure quality and reliability?

By outsourcing software testing and validation services it can significantly enhance quality and reliability. A reputable outsourcing provider will follow industry-standard testing processes and methodologies. They will employ a range of testing techniques and tools to identify and eliminate software defects, ensuring the software meets the required industry standards. Additionally, outsourcing providers may have a decided quality assurance team, specialized testing environments, and access to a variety of devices and platforms for comprehensive testing coverage.

Will outsourcing software testing and validation services result in loss of control over the testing process?

Maintaining control and oversight over the software testing process is an important consideration for most businesses when it comes to outsourcing. It’s important for the business to establish clear communication channels, define project requirements, and collaborate closely with the outsourcing provider. By setting up regular progress meetings, conducting test case reviews, and defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics, businesses can ensure transparency and maintain control over the testing process. A reputable outsourcing provider will understand the importance of collaboration and should be able to adapt their processes to align with the clients requirements. This allows the business to maintain control while also benefiting from the expertise and resources that the outsourcing provider can supply.