BPOs, bulk orders, You are at the right place, if you are looking for an offshore vendor for your BPOs/mortgage processing requirements. We are one of the offshore pioneers in BPOs. We service tons of Realtors and Managing Brokers across the state. Our knowledge gained from our decade long experience to generate value to the client as their rating with the valuation companies go up. Our team of specialists attain the comparables, fill the forms, and QC the report for client ready in a 12 to 24 hour TAT. We currently average around 50K+ bpo's a month with a capacity of delivering 2000 orders a day, In addition to that we always keep some additional capacity as a backup to serve bulk orders which we get often from portals like Bpofulfillment, RRreview and to name a few.

End 2 End BPOs / Full BPOs :

We have a very unique method of operating to sign up new clients/BPO vendors for the brokers and real estate agents, which will help them to increase the volume of orders by 3 folds within a very short period of time. We monitor your inbox like you do, answer all queries from the clients and troubleshoot issues. Finally our lightening speed cloud BPO automation give us the ability to capture orders with 85% accuracy rate in your said coverage area.

We work round the clock including all federal holidays i.e 24/7/365 with the fastest Turnaround time to submit your orders way before the deadline.

It doesn’t matter if you are a large volume of BPO order processing firm or just a new salesperson/RE agent, we give the best service and render error free BPO reports.

For more details visit : www.offshore-bpo.com

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