Information Research

Online data collection and research is our founding business. Offshore team initially has worked on collecting massive Oil & Gas data from Lousiana state website and converted them into digital format. Since 2004, Move Offshore team has done 100s of thousands of records for various industries.

Information search for startups :

We are proud to be partners with various startups in collecting data for their database. This database sometimes are onetime, most of the times they are ever changing. Our team continuously tracks and updates the data.

Some of the names include cFlow, AngiesList, NAVX, FlipKey. These businesses rely our data mining skills and responsible, reliable back office offshore team for their core module of their product, ie, DATA.

Names and addresses from Directories, product names from online databases, ever changing prices of commodities, locations of ships are some of the data we research and monitor continuously and update customers systems.

Accuracy and predictable delivery time are our USP. We deliver the best from the best professionals from the industry.

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