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Revenue Cycle Management Healthcare

Our professional medical billing team from offshore will be your partner for revenue cycle management process outsourcing. We, through our US based partner MOUNT BPO LLC, have been involved supporting medical billing companies/providers in managing their RCM work.

Our comprehensive services include

  • Scheduling appointments & Eligibility review for physicians
  • Demographic entry services
  • Charge entry services
  • Period-end closure of Books
  • Payment posting services
  • Accounts Receivable Follow-Up/Insurance Follow-Up
  • Claims submission/ Claims status update
  • Denial management and more

Move Offshore provides HIPPA compliant, accurate, round the clock support since 2009.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

How does Mount Health Care Services ensure accurate medical coding?

Our Mount Health Care team employs an AAPC-certified team that adheres to CPT codes and ICD-10 Coding compliance. This helps us process superbills with diagnostic notes – with or without ICD and CPT codes.

What does the patient scheduling service entail?

Our patient scheduling service involves patient scheduling, rescheduling, and setting up automated schedule reminders.

How does Mount Health Care Services handle denial management in medical billing?

When claims are denied, or partial payments are received, our team analyzes the denial and submits secondary claims paperwork. This is part of our thorough denial management process to ensure the maximum reimbursement for your services.