Insurance businesses outsource various processes to offshore companies for quick turnaround as well as for quality service.

Move Offshore has a professional insurance team. Our Insurance specialists understand various insurance policy requirements and have years of Insurance experience.

Move Offshore reduces operational expenses by huge margin which is why many US based insurance businesses prefer our services.

Following are our service offering for Insurance industry.

Contact Center :

Customer Service is the benchmark that every customer look for before they purchase a policy. We offer professional contact center that provides professional telephone support services. Our customer service representative (CSR) explain various benefits of the policy and stay all the way till the customer is satisfied and purchases the policy. Also, during settlement a contact center’s role is very important from registering a claim to settlement phase.

Data Processing Services :

The paperwork and data entry services require a professional team for any insurance corporations. The data processing team works round the clock to ensure highly accurate and delivery within quick turnaround time. Our training system ensures the team learns new systems and software required for the process.

Data Mining Services :

Data mining team analyzes customer pattern and provide best insight for decision making team. This is why an insurance company invests heavily to identify risks well ahead and provide solutions to mitigate them. It may be with fraudulent claim or developing new product line or outstanding claim analysis.

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