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Security plays a vital role in any organization which provides IT enabled services.

Physical Security

  • Close Circuit TV
    • Four cameras per floor and one camera installed in the Server room
    • Based on digital recording on hard disk
    • 24x7 management by the security guards
  • Fire Alarm
  • Fireproof Safe
  • Locked Doors 24x7x365
  • Power: Complete and fully tested UPS environment including both battery and fuel generator back-up power.

Executives Data Security

  • Dedicated folders on file server. The access to these folders is dependent on the access privileges given to each individual user. All system files/directories are write protected from users
  • Backup for this server taken on an hourly basis
  • The floppy drives and CD/DVD at each of the Executives are disabled
  • As we are using Windows XP as an operating system, we have disabled the control panel access and command prompt access for all the CSEs
  • No default administration access is allowed to CSEs and no access provided to Executives for modifying BIOS.
  • CSR are given the access to the Internet as per the process requirement and all other access is denied.
  • All the attachments in the mail going outside are restricted and are regularly screened by email content manager and in turn monitored by system and administration department.