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Cost Killer Analysis

Do you want to reduce your operating costs and to make your business a fast-growing one ?

Move Offshore Experts will help you through each of the steps of your outsourcing process. Our consulting team will audit your structure to identify the non-strategic processes that you should outsource in India or Morocco.

We will set up together a schedule to transfer these processes in our offshore branches.

This transfer will be operated in different times :

  • Audit of your company (Questionnaires, Analysis, Meeting with the operating team)
  • Set up of a Process/Risks/Costs/Complexity matrix
  • Set up of the cahier des charges and of the outsourcing planning
  • Set up of the process in India or Morocco
  • Qualitative reports of the operation and necessary update of the project
  • Costs / Benefits post-outsourcing Analysis

According to the last McKinsey® studies, outsourcing the non-strategic processes is becoming the only way to make durable the activity of SMB in a more and more competitive global economy. Estimated savings following to the outsourcing :

Client Support (Email/Live Chat) : 60% Accounting : 40%
Lead Generation : 50% Data Entry : 80%
IT / developing: 65% Database management : 70%