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You are looking for creating your own offshore branch? Choose to set up your platform with the BOT experience of Move Offshore.

If you wish to go on in your outsourcing projects and to set up your own offshore branch, the Move Offshore experts will help you to complete this challenge. By opting for the BOT (Built Operating Transfer) option, we will help you to plant your own structure at low cost. Our team is in charge of creating the company, your network structure, to recruit your co-workers… You are proprietary of the capital, but we are in charge of the management of the structure for a 12 to 36 months duration. At the end of this period, we transfer you the management.

The steps of the BOT :

  • Audit of your company (Questionnaires, Analysis, Meeting with the operating team)
  • Set up of a Process/Risks/Costs/Complexity matrix
  • Search for the localization (India)
  • Set up of the cahier des charges and of the outsourcing planning
  • Set up of the status and creation of the company
  • Set up of your network structure
  • Recruitment of your co-workers
  • Qualitative reporting of the operation and modifications to apply on the project
  • Full transfer of management to our client

Create an offshore branch via BOT can make you save up to 40% of the implementing fees and reduce the risks of failure by 75%. To attempt these results, you will take advantage of our entire network (legal, accounting, political…) and our knowledge.