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Why Outsource to India?

Economical benefits are one of the major reasons to outsource part of your marketing and sales to India. You will get the best quality services using the latest technologies and you will make significant cost savings. Outsourcing your sales and marketing will help you to grow your potential without any capital investment in a very fast manner. Reliable and secure, it maximizes uptime and enhances your performance.

Human Resources

India is world's second highly populated country and the second English speaking country of the world. As a result of the heavy investment in technical education, highly qualified and technically skilled IT professionals are easily found. You have access to a dedicated, skilled and experienced workforce working more than 40 hours a week at low cost. With its important percentage of young population, India can definitely be described as a talent rich country.


There have been many Infrastructure improvements in India, particularly in the area of telecommunications which makes India one of the most important Telecommunication hubs in the world. Today each and every town in India is connected via telecom and internet. India shows its pride in owning high quality satellite and submarine communication links that keeps India connected to the world.

Indian government

India has a stable government with more than fifty years of democracy. It is one of the safest place on earth to conduct business without any risk. Indian service sector contributes a massive 51 per cent to India's GDP, IT is regarded as one of the top 5 priority industries in India and constitutes an essential part of the national agenda. The Information Technology Bill that was passed in the Indian Parliament in May 2000 has now been notified as the IT Act 2000; it brings E-commerce within the purview of law and accords stringent punishments to "cyber criminals". With this, India joins a select band of 12 nations that have cyber laws.

The USA benefits from outsourcing

Contrary to popular beliefs, outsourcing IT services abroad has great advantages for the US economy. The San Francisco-based McKinsey Global Institute, an independent research with McKinsey & Co has reported that "for every dollar spent on offshoring by the US in 2002, the total value derived by the global economy was $1.4 to $1.47. While 78 per cent of the value, $1.12 to $1.14, was retained in the US, only 22 per cent, $0.33, was accrued to offshoring destinations like India." The report also said that every dollar invested resulted in savings of 58 cents to US investors

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