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3D Renderings - High-quality, Fast and Affordable

Now-a-days, 3D rendering or Video animation became mandatory to present at every step of your project. We provide variety of 3D rendering services to create visualizations that bring your projects to life right before your eyes. Our 3D modeling can help you to create 3D architectural renderings for any level of construction and building projects.

Do you think this service is too expensive? It is not !

Move Offshore offers you the lowest market price between 500 USD and 1500 USD for a 3D rendering! This really help you to stand out from your competitors and enhance you to propose many innovative services at low prices with dazzling quality and in promised. Till date, we have fulfilled more than 200 projects in the United States and have gained a unique know-how in the Architecture world.

Why Move Offshore

  • To take advantage of low rates, save up to 50%
  • 24x7 seamless transition of work
  • Craft your project with experience hands
  • Benefits from our professionalism and know-how
  • Flexibility to use our services only when you need it

Services Offered

  • Interior 3D renderings
  • Exterior 3D renderings
  • 3D Virtual Panoramas
  • Virtual tour (A 360° degrees view of your project from a point)
  • A 3D Video that casts you into the project by a traveling camera

Our Process

  • First documents : we are working on all your electronic documents (Autocad, Archicad), digitalized or on paper
  • Modeling : we will first build the 3D model with your 2D plans, sketches or pictures
  • The landscape : we add all the elements of the landscape (gardens, shadows, people, etc.,)
  • The animation : we make the cam rotate depending on your script and needs
  • The final rendering : we will send you the final rendering via email, FTP or on your convenient medium
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