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Human Resources

  • Our employees have at least two years of experience in International Call centres when they join our company.
  • The minimal diploma requirement is a Bachelor of Commerce or a BE in computer Science.
  • Customer orientation, Cultural sensitivity and Knowledge of the North American culture are essential criteria in the recruiting process.
  • English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation tests are parts of the interviewing process, to make sure the level of English of our Executives is up to American standards.

We place significant emphasis on staff training and development, which enhances our competitiveness in the BPO industry. Our initial comprehensive and professional training program provided by American Trainers in India help to equip our staff with the skills to handle new projects, while aligning their goals with your business objectives.

On voice based projects, scripts are carefully studied and the first calls are made under the supervision of our managers to check the performance and dedication of the Executive.

We also provide our employees with on-going training and up-to-dates on your products and services, so they can be as knowledgeable about your company as your own in-house employees.

Our Team

Number of employees: 180

Number of seats: 70

Medium age of employees: 25 yrs old

Minimum diploma required: Bachelor of Commerce or BE in computer Science

Minimum Experience required: 2 yrs in International Call Centre