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Healthcare Accounts Receivable Follow-Up Services

Healthcare Accounts Receivable Follow-Up Services

We at Move Offshore understand how critical it is for your healthcare company to keep track of past-due payments. This is why we have a specialized team ready to help you streamline and organize the process, increase your revenue, and get paid what you are owed through our accounts receivable follow-up services.

Healthcare accounts receivable follow-up refers to the procedure of monitoring and controlling overdue payments from insurance companies and patients. Maintaining a healthy cash flow and ensuring timely reimbursement are both critical for healthcare practices, which is why handling unpaid claims and responding to billing questions is important.

Accounts Receivable Management Services

Comprehensive AR Follow-Up

Follow-up with patients and insurance providers is an area of expertise for our skilled staff. To expedite your revenue cycle, our team will work behind the scenes, following up with previous patients and insurance agencies about fulfilling upcoming and past-due payments.

Claim Status Verification

We monitor the processing of your claims thoroughly to guarantee their accuracy. As a result, fewer laims will be denied, and you will be paid more.

Denial Management

It is critical to identify and address claim denials as soon as possible. We have the knowledge and experience to appeal denied claims and resolve issues quickly, relieving you of the burden.

Patient Communication

Keeping a good rapport with your patients is essential. When patients have questions or concerns about their bills, our staff responds promptly and courteously to ensure happy clients keep coming back your way.

Payment Posting And Reconciliation

We meticulously handle the process of posting and reconciling payments, guaranteeing that no payments are missed and that any discrepancies are addressed.

Customized Reporting

Get in-depth reports specifically designed for your business’s needs so you can monitor your healthcare accounts receivable performance and make smarter decisions.

Why Choose Us


We have extensive knowledge of the healthcare revenue cycle management industry thanks to our many years of experience in the field.

Dedicated Team

Our team is committed to your success, working tirelessly to recover what you are owed and helping you to boost your overall revenue.


We prioritize compliance with healthcare regulations, ensuring your financial practices are above board.

Frequently Asked Questions :

What is accounts receivable follow-up, and why is it essential for my healthcare practice?

The process of tracking and managing outstanding payments from insurance companies and patients is known as accounts receivable follow-up. Healthcare practices must ensure timely reimbursement while also maintaining a healthy cash flow, which is achievable with comprehensive accounts receivable management services.

How does Move Offshore handle healthcare accounts receivable follow-up differently?

  • Move Offshore stands out through our experienced team and commitment to the compliance and success of your healthcare facility. We employ only the most dedicated and qualified professionals to work with you on your accounts receivable follow-ups.

Can you provide customized solutions to meet our healthcare practice's specific needs?

Absolutely! At Move Offshore, we know that every medical facility is different, which is why we have individualized options to help with your unique AR issues. We can tailor our services to meet your specific needs, whether you want help with an explicit part of the revenue cycle or need assistance with the entire process.

How can I get started with Move Offshore for accounts receivable follow-up services?

It’s easy to get started with Move Offshore. Get in touch with our team today, and we’ll gladly discuss your needs, supply additional information, thoroughly answer all your questions, and lead you through the onboarding process.

Contact Our Team For More Information!

Aiming to improve your AR follow-up procedures? For more information on how the Move Offshore team can meet the specific needs of your healthcare organization, contact us today or explore our other services!