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Customized business solutions for Realtors / Real Estate Companies

We have developed a new range of services dedicated to all players in the real estate industry. Our new services are custom-built to simplify your daily processes and save you up to 60% of your data entry and administrative costs.

We can help you to get new properties to rent or sale:

You're looking for new properties to rent or sell? We can definitely help you to find some! Every day, we will browse different property rental and sale websites in order to list prospective landlords who want to sale or rent their apartments or properties. Then, you can directly call them to introduce your company and services and gain new contracts.

You want to improve the management of your properties ads ?

You need to publish ads to highlight your vacant properties ? Following your instructions, we will publish your ads online on specific websites. We will send you a daily report with all the properties that have been posted and we also update your listings (vacancy, rental). As soon as you're smitten about the work done, you can simply allow us to your intern management database to let us update directly all your online ads.

If you do not have time to prospect, our Telemarketing Team can directly set up appointments with prospective landlords.

In sum up
  • We browse different websites to list landlords who want to rent or sell their properties
  • Every day, we send you an updated list with their contact information
  • You can call them directly to introduce your company. If you do not have time, our Telemarketing Team can do it for you
  • You sign new contracts and can increase your revenues
  • Obtaining new contracts has never been so simple!

You want to improve your ads listing management or reduce your operating costs?

You're publishing ads every day to highlight your vacant properties. Why doing it in house when you can save time and money by outsourcing it to the Move Offshore. Following your instructions, we will publish your ads online on selected websites. To monitor our work, we will send you daily reports. As soon as you feel confident about our work, you can simply allow us to access your intranet database and we will take care of the full process.

The process
  • You send us details about your new ads by email, fax or telephone
  • We publish new ads on selected websites and we remove old ones
  • We send you daily reports
  • Once you feel confident, we can even access your intranet database to keep all your ads up to date.

We can also manage your own intranet database.