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Customized business solutions for Insurance Broker / Insurance Agency

You're an Insurance Broker or an Insurance Agency?

We have developed customized services for you! We will help you to save time and money.

We have found it really time consuming for Insurance brokers to manage their leads and issue quotes to their prospects or customers in a timely manner.

We can propose you the following services
  • Premium Computation (By using your selected provider websites and software)
  • Quote Edition (selection of premiums and policies based on your criteria)
  • Management of your leads and update of your CRM

We have great English Speaking Executives in India who will help you to manage all your leads and quotes on a daily basis. What ever your process might be, we are flexible and our team will be able to implement any kind of back office work. Keep in mind that you can communicate with your dedicated Executives by phone, chat, or email.

Why outsourcing some back office work to India?
  • Save up to 60% of your operating costs
  • Save time and focus on sales
  • Confidence in a trustful partner (confidentiality and NDA)

If you want additional information on this customized service, please contact us.