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Email / Ticket Management

You are receiving more and more E-mails and the cost for their management is increasing each day ?

By outsourcing the management of your email at Move Offshore, you will be able to answer more efficiently to your E-mails and reduce the processing costs.

The benefits of our offer

  • Reactivity : 80% of the incoming E-mails are processed in the past 6 hours, and 100% in the past 24 hours. This efficiency avoids your clients to send a second email or to call you if no answer is coming in a short delay.
  • Cost of the process : the reduction of the labor cost in India and Morocco and the improvement of the productivity due to our managing solution allow you to reduce your cost by a significant way.
  • Quality : the E-mails sent are done by our French and English speaking operators, which allow us high quality syntax, relevance and customization.
  • Flexibility :the flexibility of our operator working hours and the reactivity of our contact centers is a proof of the optimization of the work.

The specifications of Move Offshore E-Mail Management solution

An increased productivity :
  • Knowledge base : a knowledge base is prepared to each operator to help answering the best and the most quickly to your clients.
  • Email distribution : we create rules to distribute incoming E-mails to our operators: origin, day of incoming, last operator answered... These rules help to redirect E-mails automatically to the best operator, depending on their competencies.
  • Customization of the answers : answers can be suggested depending on the email ID (first name, last name fields...). Each answer could be associated to one or main attached files.

An optimal service quality :
  • Traceability : Each email is saved in a database and is simultaneously assigned with a ticket number. This system allows a great management, like respecting the deadlines, keep information, access to the log of each exchange to ensure a whole client support.
  • Delivery reports : A delivery report can be automatically generated. The content of the mail is customizable to help you organize your communication (ads inside for example).
  • Reporting : Our offer allows you to know exactly how it is going: you can check the main indicators (opened tickets, processing time...) whenever you want.