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Charge Entry/Cash Posting

Charge Entry/Cash Posting

“Charge Entry” and “Cash Posting” (payment posting) are two integral components that play a vital role in managing a healthcare practice’s financial health.

Charge Entry is the process of accurately recording the services, procedures, and treatments provided to patients. It entails translating healthcare services into standardized codes, which are frequently Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes. Accurate charge entry is critical for proper billing, revenue cycle management, and insurance claim submission.

The process of recording and reconciling payments received from patients and insurance companies, on the other hand, is known as cash posting or payment posting. It ensures that payments are accurately posted to patient accounts and that any discrepancies are addressed as soon as possible. Efficient cash posting contributes to financial transparency, reduces accounting errors, and provides information about the practice’s financial performance.

Move Offshore Services

Charge Entry Services

One of our team’s specialties is precise and timely charge entry. With our assistance, your services will be accurately represented on each patient’s bill by being translated into universally accepted codes. This increases revenue cycle efficiency by reducing billing errors and claims rejections.

Cash Posting Solutions

We offer comprehensive cash posting solutions to streamline the reconciliation of payments. Our team meticulously records and reconciles payments from patients and insurance companies, ensuring that your financial records remain accurate and up to date.

Payment Verification

We compare the accuracy of payments received to billed amounts, assisting in the identification of discrepancies and the prompt resolution of payment-related issues. This improves financial transparency and ensures that you receive the revenue you are owed.

Why Choose Us

Healthcare Expertise

With years of experience in the healthcare industry, we understand the complexities and constantly changing regulations. We can assist your healthcare facility in remaining current and compliant with these regulations.

Dedicated Team

Our team is committed to ensuring that your charge entry and cash posting processes run smoothly, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Technology Integration

We use cutting-edge tech to deliver a safe, quick, and straightforward method of handling financial transactions, such as charge entry and cash posting services.

Frequently Asked Questions :

What is the importance of accurate charge entry in healthcare?

For several reasons, accurate charge entry is critical in healthcare. It ensures that patient services are properly documented and translated into standardized codes, such as CPT codes. Accurate charge entry reduces billing errors, reduces claim denials, improves revenue cycle management, and assists healthcare providers in receiving timely reimbursements for services provided.

How can incorrect charge entry impact a healthcare practice's financial health?

  • Incorrect charge entry can have significant financial implications for a healthcare practice. It may lead to billing errors, claim denials, revenue leakage, and compliance issues. These challenges can result in delayed payments, financial instability, and increased administrative burdens.

What are the benefits of efficient cash posting for healthcare practices?

Efficient cash posting offers several benefits to healthcare practices. It ensures that payments received from patients and insurance companies are accurately recorded and reconciled with patient accounts. This process minimizes accounting errors, provides insights into the practice’s financial performance, and enhances financial transparency.

How can Move Offshore charge entry and cash posting services benefit healthcare providers?

Outsourcing charge entry and payment posting services to a specialized provider like Move Offshore benefits healthcare providers as it allows them to focus on patient care while experts handle financial processes. Outsourcing can also reduce errors, improve accuracy, enhance compliance, and optimize the revenue cycle.

Contact Our Team For More Information!

Move Offshore is here to help you with all of your outsourcing charge entry and cash posting needs. Contact our team of professionals today and learn more about our charge entry and healthcare cash posting services. Find out how we can help minimize your revenue loss, improve accuracy, and get your facility’s outstanding patient bills paid.