Digital Marketing and the Benefits of Outsourcing: Our Comprehensive Guide

Digital Marketing and the Benefits of Outsourcing: Our Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to brand awareness in the modern age, or indeed almost all aspects of running a successful business, digital marketing is the name of the game. It’s among the most important aspects of your overall marketing strategy and without it, you simply can’t expect to keep up with the competition. Today, digital marketing accounts for more than half of all marketing, so plainly this is the direction that marketing is moving.


But whether you’ve been involved in digital marketing for some time or you’ve never attempted it before, there’s always more that you can learn. Our primary focus is on the advantages of outsourcing digital marketing service—this brings a great deal of benefit and there are many reasons you might want to go down this route.


Today, we’re going to look at a complete and comprehensive guide to digital marketing to get you started and help elevate your digital marketing strategies. Let’s start by taking a look at what exactly digital marketing is.

What do we mean by digital marketing?

Digital marketing simply means leveraging digital platforms to connect with potential customers in one way or another. There are many different channels which could be called digital marketing, though you might more simply think of it as online marketing.


For example you might use search engines, social media, email campaigns, advertisements through mobile apps or websites and anything else that comes under the umbrella of the online world.


Digital marketing has changed a lot over the years, and there are eight main areas of marketing into which digital marketing is subdivided. Let’s have a quick overview of each of them.


Affiliate marketing

One of the most popular areas of digital marketing today is called affiliate marketing. Primarily, this involves working with influencers on social media to build brand awareness and advertise products. It can be industry experts, too, or even high profile personalities like celebrities. More than half of brand marketers consider affiliate marketing one of their top three digital marketing channels.


Content marketing


Another of the most widely utilized digital marketing strategies is known as content marketing. Importantly, content marketing is a long-term strategy that takes time to show results—involving narrative and information to build brand awareness and the “content” in question could be blog posts, social media posts, or even things like podcasts.




Increasingly, SEO, or search engine optimization, is becoming one of the most important parts of any digital marketing strategy. This refers, basically, to how easy it is to find your business on any search engine and how well it will rank for your chosen keywords.


The vast majority of people click on the first couple of results when searching google—less than 1% click on the second page of results. These are among the most important digital marketing services for startups in particular.



Pay per click, or PPC for short, refers to paid advertisements both in the form of traditional ads and in promoted search engine results. Here, you pay every time someone clicks on your ad, to whatever affiliate is hosting the ad, and this is more of a short-term strategy though it can be very effective.


Social media marketing

Of course, social media is really the main arena of digital marketing campaigns today. Agencies devote entire departments to social media strategy and so this is one area where it almost always makes sense to hire an offshore marketing agency.


Email marketing

Email campaigns also form a vital part of any digital marketing campaign. Emails are a great way to keep in contact with customers and inform them of any special promotions you might be running or more generally keeping them up-to-date on what your company is doing.



Similarly, mobile outreach can be a very effective digital marketing tool. Here you might reach people via promotional text messages, or through social media and mobile apps.


You can make use of ads and you can more carefully target your ads when done through mobile channels. With as many as 46% of people spending at least five hours per day on their phone, it’s not an area to be passed over.




Marketing involves more than simply launching a campaign and passively anticipating the outcomes. It necessitates diligent monitoring of the campaign’s progress. Digital marketing, in particular, offers the advantage of being highly measurable, making it an excellent choice. Consequently, analytics play a crucial role in the realm of digital marketing.


Digital marketing is not something you can easily summarize, then—it’s a multi-faceted beast and this is one of the reasons why outsourcing is becoming more and more common. Digital marketing outsourcing services are more numerous than ever and more and more outfits are choosing to hire digital marketing experts rather than train their own staff on it. Should you be outsourcing your digital marketing needs, then?

Should you outsource your digital marketing?

When we talk about outsourcing, there are a lot of different reasons you might want to go down this route depending on the department of your business that’s in question. When it comes to hiring offshore digital marketing services, most of the typical benefits of outsourcing still apply:


  • Cuts costs.
  • Industry expertise
  • Access to outside talent.
  • Improved efficiency.


These are just a few of the benefits that outsourcing can bring, in general terms. So, why might you specifically want to outsource your digital marketing needs?


Well, one of the most important aspects of almost any campaign or day to day running of your business is budget. When it comes to marketing, the budget can often be trickier to stick to, and when everything is done in-house the costs can quickly spiral.


By outsourcing your digital marketing needs, you can simultaneously manage your budget more efficiently and cut costs on the overall job while maintaining a high quality end product.


You’ll free up your own team’s time to focus on other things, too, meaning that the quality of the overall project will also reflect the time saved on outsourcing your marketing services.


Beyond the simple question of cost, though, is the matter of the talent you can make use of for your project. Competition is fierce in the digital marketing agency industry—there are over 10,000 registered digital marketing agencies in the U.S. today. This represents a growth of more than five times over the course of the last decade or so.


If you aren’t outsourcing your digital marketing needs, then you’re not getting access to what is some of the best marketing talent in the world. But of course it’s not even just a question of finding a digital marketing service in the U.S.—an offshore digital marketing partner can often be advantageous for a number of reasons, too.


Handling a digital marketing campaign in-house presents all sorts of challenges in time, effort, and resources, not to mention keeping up with measuring the success of the campaign. By outsourcing your needs, you can hand over all that responsibility to those who have the experience to do it efficiently.

This talent will also come armed with all the industry knowledge that you might not be able to get elsewhere and all the best ways to leverage any specific aspect of digital marketing, like Google ads and how to master them for success.


When it’s all that an organization does, too, or at least the company’s main service, you can also be sure that the efficiency of the service will be higher than what you could achieve in-house. You can streamline the whole project, bringing a high quality, finished campaign together in a shorter space of time and thus oiling the machinery of your whole operation.


Let’s take a broader and more in-depth view of the benefits of a digital marketing outsourcing agency.



The advantages of outsourcing digital marketing

The simple answer to the question of whether you should outsource your digital marketing is yes, you probably should—with the natural caveat that it does depend on your individual circumstances. But for just about any case, there are lots of benefits to utilizing digital marketing outsourcing agency, so let’s look at a few:

  1. Industry experience and expertise

    There’s an obvious reason you might choose to outsource just about any function of your business, and that is the added expertise and experience you get from doing so.

    When it comes to digital marketing in particular, agencies are more and more the way companies are handling their needs. All, or at least most, of the best talent in digital marketing, then, is found in the agencies.

    By outsourcing, you’re getting access to a talent pool that simply might not be available to you otherwise. Indeed, through the use of things like white label SEO, outsourcing your digital marketing campaign may also mean that the agency you hire knows the best talent in the industry even outside of their own immediate sphere. Top offshore digital marketing and SEO services are a key part of many businesses today.

  2. Efficiency

    “Efficiency” could encompass many different aspects of your business and digital marketing strategy, but in the right circumstances, outsourcing can improve all areas of efficiency. You don’t need to worry about taking the time to train staff or learn how to do certain things yourself, which is a big time save.

    It also is more cost efficient, as in-house digital marketing staff are becoming increasingly more competitive and may need a high salary to be retained. Your digital marketing campaign, if outsourced, is likely to be both time and cost effective.

  3. Access to the best tools

    Naturally, any reputable digital marketing agency that you hire will have access to all the best tools that you could need for your digital marketing campaign. Once again, this could mean loads of different things.

    It could be about the tools they use to create assets or automate the actual running of the campaign, but it can also be about the tools used to measure the success and effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign.

    You’ll see increased sales or traffic as a result of a successful digital marketing campaign, certainly, but you want more targeted analytics to understand exactly what works and what doesn’t—a good agency will be able to provide this data.

    This is an overview of some of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing campaign. With all this said, it’s worth considering potential downsides, too.

Outsourcing digital marketing: common drawbacks

One of the most common reasons businesses are hesitant to outsource digital marketing or indeed any aspect of the running of a business is the loss of control it represents.


While you naturally still have control over how your money is spent by the agency, it’s not the same as the oversight you can have on an in-house team. You’ll have to trust them to handle it properly; if you are breathing down their necks the whole time then it defeats a large part of the point of hiring them in the first place. Communication, in general, is a bit more difficult with an outsourced task.


Even the best agency, then, may turn out not to be a fit for your particular needs—and as we’ll cover shortly, you’re going to have to invest some time and take a bit of a risk on an agency at first. This can cost time and money in the long run as you can’t have that direct control over the day to day running of things.


The drawbacks are there, then, so part of avoiding these problems is knowing how best to outsource your needs.



How to outsource digital marketing?

Outsourcing your digital marketing seems to be the way to go, then. But it’s not simply a case of hiring any old outfit, handing them the reins and then collecting a completed campaign at the end of a deadline.


You’ve got to be aware of a few key tips for how to outsource your digital marketing in the first place. Finding the right agency that’s a good fit for your business will take time, though these partnerships can last a lifetime when you find the right one.


So, firstly you’ve got to consider which areas of your digital marketing you want to outsource. “Digital marketing” is a broader term than we often realize and could include many different things like:

  • The strategy
  • The campaign itself
  • Budgeting
  • Analytics and monitoring


You might want to outsource all aspects, or you might want to have more of a laser focus. For instance, you might only want to outsource the actual strategy to an agency, and then have things like assets for the campaign created in-house. You might, conversely, want to come up with your own strategy and then outsource the actual running of the campaign to an agency. You might, on the other hand, just want to outsource the more nuts and bolts aspects of the campaign, like your budget or measuring the success of the campaign. There are benefits and drawbacks to any strategy. Ultimately, it’s often the best strategy to combine outsourcing with existing in-house resources and personnel.


It starts, then, with identifying your needs. What is it, first of all, that you most want to get out of your digital marketing campaign? Next, which aspects of the campaign present the greatest challenges for your own in-house team, if you have one? Digital marketing agencies are not by any means all the same and all will have different areas of expertise. Which area of digital marketing will be most important to the success of your campaign? This in itself may be a question that only the agencies can answer in your initial enquiries.


By answering these questions, you can set yourself up to find the agency that you think will best serve as your digital marketing partners.


Once you’ve found an agency that suits your needs, though, the process isn’t finished yet. Much as we might like to look into a crystal ball when it comes to these things, the truth is you’ll never know for sure if a given agency is a good fit until you’ve spent some real time working with them.


So, another aspect of successfully outsourcing your digital marketing is going to be monitoring the work done over the first three or four months of the project or any subsequent project. It’s an ongoing process so you’ll always need to discuss your goals and the results closely with the agency. Review the parts of the strategy that are working and those that aren’t, and look to apply changes as necessary.


Offshore digital marketing


So far, we’ve been talking broadly about outsourcing your digital marketing needs. As we’ve seen, there is no shortage of agencies in the U.S. which can provide top quality digital marketing services for any needs. But we’ve touched on offshore marketers a few times, and there are a few advantages beyond what we’ve discussed so far if you were to hire offshore digital marketing experts. Top offshore digital marketing services come with considerable advantages of their own, and there are a few different approaches:

  • Individual freelancers.
  • On boarding a dedicated team.
  • Executing a single project.


You might have a specific marketing task in mind that you might only need to hire a single expert for. On the other hand, you might want to bring on board top offshore digital marketing services for your ongoing digital marketing needs. If you only need to see a single project from start to finish, then digital marketing services for small businesses may also be the most beneficial route.


Compared with outsourcing your digital marketing needs to a domestic agency, there are many benefits to offshore digital marketing agencies for startups, for example:


  • Improved cost effectiveness—agencies in your own country can be very expensive given how competitive the market is.
  • Overcome time zones: time zones need not be a hindrance to your offshore marketing solutions but can in fact be advantageous, keeping work going essentially around the clock.
  • Awareness of international and domestic markets.


Depending on where in the world you are hiring from, offshore digital marketing agencies can be much cheaper than hiring them domestically. This is particularly why an offshore digital marketing agency for startups is a popular solution, as it can keep the costs down while providing a quality service for a business in its earliest, and arguably most vulnerable, time. Offshore digital marketing for small business is equally important, too, as again it can provide scalable marketing solutions—digital marketing is not only for the biggest and most well-known names in any industry. From the smallest local business to the biggest international conglomerate, offshore digital marketing services are a great way to get your business’s brand awareness off the ground.


Final thoughts

In any business, balance is perhaps the single most important concept. Marketing, in some ways, was once a lot simpler than it is now. But even then, it was always a craft that people would spend their whole careers perfecting.


Today, it is certainly a more competitive playing field and there’s a great deal more to know and learn than ever before. Outsourcing your digital marketing needs, in the current climate, is going to be the way to get ahead. You’ll cut your costs without compromising the quality of your end product or overall campaign. You have to balance your own responsibilities with your ability to delegate and outsource.

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