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Hire a Virtual Web Research Assistant

Now-a-days the Internet became a part of everyone's life, obviously it is a great resource, which can help you simplify your business/professional needs. In addition, there is a need to research through websites to gather crucial information that must be required for your business. Employ a full-time staff only for Web/Internet research is not feasible because of cost factors associated with it. Instead, you can hire a virtual web/internet research assistant from Move Offshore. The assistant(s) are dedicated for every customer, the assistant hired by you will work only for the tasks assigned by you, from a remote location.

Range of our services
  • Creation of an email list from a website list
  • Web research
  • Online questionnaires entry
  • Catalogue entry and on-line selling (E-business)
  • Contacts/Prospects reseach on professional directories
  • SEO : Indexation of webpages into directories
  • Database building
  • Database care
  • Database update
  • Conversion (SQL, ASP, ACT, ...)
  • Management of bounced contacts

To transfer your files, you have the following options:

  • You digitalize your documents and send it on our safe FTP
  • You fax it
  • You send us your files by mail
  • We come in your business and digitalize it.
  • You can also ship the hardcopy of the book to us to have it digitalized.