Data Capture And Conversion


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Data capture and Conversion

Move Offshore is since 2001 the main partner of the SME, who are wishing to outsource some of their activities. Outsourcing non strategic activities allow to grow fast and to reduce some structural costs.

Our Range of Services
  • Files format conversion (from PDF to Word…)
  • Copy / Paste of data to update your database
  • Software developing for automatic conversions (script, robot…)
  • Digitization and indexation of your files
  • Rereading and manual hand correction
  • Entry or capture on the web

To transfer your files, you have the following options:

  • You digitalize your documents and send it on our safe FTP
  • You fax it
  • You send us your files by mail
  • We come in your business and digitalize it
  • You can also ship the hardcopy of the book to us to have it digitalized.